Music and art as a socio-cultural activity is the expression of emotions and an effective tool for the creativity of individuals in a society. The practice of these activities contribute to the development of people and as a consequence, also to the development of society. Children and young people, especially, should play a relevant role in these activities, as they are called to form societies that advance, not without leaving aside, the experience of adults, a decisive aspect for a society in transformation.

The Ecuadorian-Hungarian Music Foundation "MusArtEH" has as its mission the generation of spaces for education and musical activity, through the inclusion of children and young people from various social and cultural sectors. Also, this organization seeks the formation and creation of educators and work spaces, through art and music.

"MusArtEH" proposes the use of singing as the basis of a comprehensive music education. Zoltán Kodály, Hungarian pedagogue, says that the body and the voice is the first musical instrument of a person An instrument that allows the musical education of children to be developed internally. For Kodály, the use of music connected to the language and musical traditions of the community, is the basis for an organic and productive development for humans.

"You can live without music, but it's not worth it"
Kodály Zoltán


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