Cuenca ÓperaFest 2017

The "Cuenca ÓperaFest" is the result of years of work and technical-musical preparation. One of the goals of MusArtEH is not only to prepare professional singers and musicians, giving them highly qualified courses, but also to create the spaces and an audience with love for the lyrical art.
Spreading academic music and opera at all levels of society is our commitment. Thus, since 2011 we have established the "Cuenca ÓperaFest" as an event that includes ambitious projects of musical artistic diffusion. We place special emphasis on opera, this being the art of the arts, a genre that combines most artistic expressions.

MusArtEH Cuenca ÓperaFest 2017 1 MusArtEH Cuenca ÓperaFest 2017 2


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